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12V series of valve regulated lead acid battery for radio and television


1, 6-GFM series battery specifications and technical parameters

Battery modelRated voltage(V) Rated capacity (A.h) Outline dimension(mm)
10hratelongwide high Total height
6-GFM-24 12 24 175 166 126 126
6-GFM-24 12 24 165 125 173 173
6-GFM-38 12 38 197 166 173 173
6-GFM-50 12 50 260 134 204 210
6-GFM-65 12 65 350 165 173 173
6-GFM-90 12 90 330 172 215 221
6-GFM-100 12 100 407 173 208 232
6-GFM-120 12 120 407 173 208 232
6-GFM-150 12 150 480 170 239 239
6-GFM-200 12 200 522 239 220 226

2, the working principle of lead battery

The anode lead in the accumulator (PbO2) and cathode (Pb) immersed into the electrolyte (sulfuric acid), between the two poles of 2V producing power, which is based on the principle of lead-acid battery, charge and discharge through the Yin and Yang, electrode and electrolyte occurs following changes:

(anode) (electrolyte) (cathode)

PbO2 + 2H2SO4 + Pb + 2H2O + PbSO4 I PbSO4 (discharge reaction)

(lead peroxide) (sulfuric acid) (spongy lead)

(anode) (electrolyte) (cathode)

PbSO4 + 2H2O + PbSO4 + 2H2SO4 + Pb I PbO2 (charge response)

(lead sulfate) (water) (lead sulfate)

3, lead acid battery main technical process characteristics

3.1 the battery uses the tight fitting, effectively prevents the active material to fall off. Prolong the service life of the battery.

3.2 efficient internal gas recombination, sealed reaction efficiency can reach above 98%. Very little water loss. There is no need to add electrolyte or ionic water during the whole life.

3.3 grid using a special lead calcium tin alloy, more resistant to corrosion, good charging capacity. Self discharge small. The battery storage performance and use performance is better.

3.4 the use of safety and reliability of the exhaust valve. Use more secure and reliable. To avoid the explosion hazards caused by sparks.

Reinforced structure 3.5 science, greatly reduce the internal resistance of the battery. The current distribution is more uniform. Discharge performance is better.

3.6 using multi-layer labyrinth sealing technology to ensure that the battery does not have leakage. Without bulging phenomenon.

3.7 using accurate distribution and control mode, the battery and the battery, the consistency between the battery group and the polar group is more superior.

3.8 special electrolyte additives to prevent battery lead dendrite short circuit and storage passivation.

3.9 the special internal resistance, voltage and battery capacity matching equipment, battery balance is excellent, the difference is less than or equal to 20mV open circuit voltage.

4, lead acid battery superiority

Very good charge and discharge property

After discharging to charge the strong resistance in continuous 21 days after discharge, the battery capacity recovery rate of more than 99%.

Long service life.

Japan advanced technology formula and process design, good service life.

Safe and reliable performance.

The special structure of the electro hydraulic mode, the exhaust valve of fluorine rubber, quantitative and effective irrigation of acid, as well as the high sealing performance. There is no leakage of the battery. Green pollution-free, safe use no worries.

Very good environmental adaptability, high and low temperature resistant ability

To adapt to the -30 C ~ 55 degrees Celsius in the environment, in addition to the reverse button, can be installed in any direction, without space restrictions.

5, product technical characteristics

5.1 product implementation standards

60896-21 IEC 2004 "fixed lead acid battery valve control test method"

60896-22 IEC 2004 "fixed lead acid battery valve control requirements"

19638.2-2005 GB/T "fixed type valve controlled sealed lead-acid battery"

5.2 operational control technology parameters (single cell)

Maximum charge current: 0.25C10

Discharge termination voltage: 10.80V

Float charging voltage: 13.35V ~ 13.80V (charging temperature compensation coefficient: C + 0.18mV/)

Constant charging voltage: 13.80V ~ 14.40V (charge temperature compensation coefficient: + 0.24mV/ C).

6, performance and technical indicators

6.1 battery can be used in the -30 to 55 DEG C, humidity is less than 95%, less than 3000 meters in altitude environment, floating life 25 DEG C for more than 8 years.

6.2 battery testing according to the standard, 80% of the depth of discharge is more than 600 times.

6.3 battery testing according to the standard, the sealed reaction efficiency higher than 96%.

6.4 battery testing according to the standard, the monthly self discharge rate is less than 3%.

6.5 battery open valve pressure is 10 ~ 35Kpa, closed valve pressure is 5 ~ 30Kpa.

The actual value of the deviation range of battery internal resistance 6.6 is located in -10% ~ +10% and the battery internal resistance value standard.

The battery is fully charged the 6.7 standing after 24 hours, the battery open circuit voltage difference is less than 100mv.

6.8 battery testing in 3I10A current standard, the connection between the battery voltage is less than or equal to 8mv.

6.9 sufficient battery power after standing for 90 days, the charge retention capability is more than 90%.

7, lead acid battery applicable scope and environmental conditions

7.1 suitable for Telecom, electric power, radio and television and the use of UPS uninterrupted power supply system.

7.2 temperature: -30 degrees Celsius to +55 C conditions can be used normally.

7.3 humidity: less than 95%.

7.4 earthquake tolerance ability: the horizontal acceleration is greater than or equal to 0.3, the vertical acceleration is greater than or equal to 0.15.

7.5 altitude: 3000m

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